International Cell, IIT Indore

Admission Procedure of International Students for Postgraduate and Research Programs at IIT Indore

1. Admission Criteria :

Anyone who is not a national of India will be considered as an international student for the purposes of admission and fees. International students can seek admission to various Postgraduate and Research Programmes (Ph.D., M.Tech., M.S. (Research) and M.Sc.) under the following categories:

Students seeking admission in any one of the aforesaid categories will have to satisfy the minimum eligibility criteria for admission to the programmes as prescribed by the Institute. But merely fulfilling the minimum eligibility criteria does not guarantee the selection of a candidate into any program.

2. Selection Procedure :

Admission of international students to IIT Indore's Ph.D., M.Tech., M.S. (Research) and M.Sc. programs require a valid score of TOEFL/ IELTS or equivalent, a statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, and an interview (in-person or over video conference).

3. Fee Structure for Postgraduate International Students :
Fee Structures Tuition Fees Per Semester Living Expenses Per Semester * Tuition Fees Per Semester Living Expenses Per Semester *
IIT Indore 850 500 1,500 600
* Living Expenses per semester include accommodation charges, registration fee, refundable security deposits, one-time admission fee and charges towards Group Insurance Premium per annum.
The charges for food expenses are not included in the living expenses and the student will have to pay separately as per prevailing rates.

4. Admission: Click here

5. Testimonials:

Sudipta Das
M. Tech., Electrical Engineering (VLSI Design & Nanoelectronics)

“I choose to study at Indian Institute of Technology Indore (IITI) because I always wanted an opportunity to study at a top-level institution and participate in an outstanding program. The University has great academic standards and holds high ranking world wide. Studying at IIT Indore has allowed me to experience rich cultural environment and gain new perspectives. This is a perfect place for curious and motivated students because here you can interact with students from different research fields. Each department has reputed faculties as well. I definitely recommend studying in IIT Indore, which is situated in the beautiful, cultural and vibrant city Indore.”

Pravin Karna
M.S. (Research), Mechanical Engineering

“Life at IIT Indore is every student's dream. The education and research environment provided is second to none. Highly equipped laboratories enable students to attain practical knowledge. Nicely equipped hostel rooms and dining facilities doesn't make you feel away from home. The internal transport facilities saves time required to move from one place to another. Using e-vehicles for transportation and solar cells for power generation, IIT Indore also emphasizes on the most important issue of climate change. The abundance of greenery in and around the college keeps you close to nature and adds beauty to the college. Great sports facilities include playgrounds, courts, and gym facilities. This helps students to improve their physical as well as mental fitness. All in all, studying at IIT Indore has been a joyful ride.”

Sumit Kumar Gupta
M. Tech., Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical System Design)

“I feel proud to be a part of Indian Institute of Technology Indore. In this globally competitive environment, it is an enriching experience for me to be a part of this prestigious organization where I get a chance to enhance my skills and learning. I also love the welcoming nature of the faculties and other students. Everybody has been incredibly patient as I have adjusted to this new place. I enjoy all my classes and am lucky to have such teachers. I truly appreciate every single moment I spend here. The relationships I have made here are likely to last a lifetime. I can testify that I am very different from what I was before because of the environment provided by IIT Indore. Thank you IIT Indore for everything.”