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IITI Faculty Coordinator
Dr. Santosh K. Sahu
Associate Professor, ME
Email : gian_iiti [at]
Landline: +91-731-2438700, Extension: 519
Coordinating Institute
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Approved Projects
S. No. Title IITI PI Foreign PI Foreign University Country Duration
1. Two Phase Flows in a Micro and Milli Channels: Theoretical Backgrounds and Numerical Proofs Dr. Ritunesh Kumar Dr. Abive Rufat St. Petersburg State Institute of Technology Russia 10-03-2020 to 19-03-2020
2. Use of Hydrogen as a Future Fuel Dr. Shanmugam Dhinakaran Dr. Weeratunge Malalasekera Loughborough University UK 06-04-2020 to 10-04-2020
3. Principles of Ligand - Targeted Drug Delivery: Design and Development of "Smart Drugs" Dr. Venkatesh Chelvam Dr. Shrinivasarao Madduri Purdue University USA 05-05-2020 to 16-05-2020
S. No. Title IITI PI Foreign PI Foreign University Country Duration
1. One Dimensional Metal-Oxide Nanostructures: Recent Developments in Synthesis, Characteristics and Applications Dr. Parasharam M. Shirage & Dr. Rupesh S. Devan Prof. Yuan-Ron Ma National Dong Hwa University Taiwan 01-04-2019 to 10-04-2019
2. Principles of Drug Discovery, Design and Development: Modern Concepts and Applications Dr. Chelvam Venkatesh Prof. Apurba Dutta University of Kansas USA 27-05-2019 to 07-06-2019
3. GPU Computing in Computational Biology Dr. Parimal Kar Prof. Siegfried Hoefinger Vienna University of Technology Austria 15-07-2019 to 19-07-2019
4. Lattice Boltzmann Methods for Multi-Phase and Multi-Component flows Dr. Shanmugam Dhinakaran Prof. Abdulmajeed Mohamad University of Calgary Canada 05-08-2019 to 16-08-2019
5. Ultra Clean and Low Pulsation Gas Turbines Dr. Devendra L. Deshmukh Prof. Christian Oliver Paschereit TU Berlin Germany 03-11-2019 to 07-11-2019
6. Advance combustion modelling with computational fluid mechanics Dr. Shanmugam Dhinakaran Prof. Weeratunge Malalasekera Loughborough University UK 08-4-19 to 12-04-19
S. No. Title IITI PI Foreign PI Foreign University Country Duration
1. Grid Integration of Pv Solar and Wind Power Systems Dr. Trapti Jain Prof. Rajiv K. Varma The University of Western Ontario Canada 12-02-2018 to 16-02-2018
2. Reliability Engineering and Asset Management Dr. Bhupesh Kumar Lad Prof. Ajith Kumar Parlikad Cambridge University UK 19-03-2018 to 23-03-2018
3. Biological Treatment of Metals and Metalloids Laden Wastewater: Microbiology, Process Technology and Resource Recovery Dr. Kiran Bala Prof. Eric Van Hullebusch Université de Paris Holland, Europe 12-03-2018 to 17-03-2018
4. Computationally Aided Materials Designing for Materials Genome Dr. Biswarup Pathak Prof. Rajeev Ahuja Uppsala University Sweden 04-01-2018 to 08-01-2018
5. Economics of Science,Technology and Innovation: Empirical Approaches and Randomized Control Trials(RCTs) Dr. Ruchi Sharma Prof. Ina Ganguli University of Massachusetts Amherst USA 10-01-2018 to 14-01-2018
6. Metal-Ligand Interplay in Advanced Coordination Chemistry Professor Pradeep Mathur Prof. Pierre Braunstein University of Konstanz USA 05-02-2018 to 09-02-2018
7. Media Security and Forensics Dr. Surya Prakash Prof. Gaurav Sharma University of Rochester USA 26-03-2018 to 06-04-2018
8. Ubiquitous Computing Dr. Abhishek Srivastava Prof. Hee Yong Youn Sungkyunkwan University South Korea 15-01-2018 to 26-01-2018
9. Vaccines for Human and Animal Viral Pathogens Dr. Debasis Nayak Prof. Asit K Pattnaik University of Nebraska USA 02-07-2018 to 07-07-2018
10. Supermolecular Science: Basic Concepts, New Directions and Technology Dr. Rajneesh Misra Prof. Francis D’Souza University of North Texas USA 12-03-2018 to 18-03-2018
11. Advanced Pattern Recognition Techniques for Biometrics Dr. Surya Prakash Prof. Massimo Tistarelli University of Sassari Italy 05-03-2018 to 09-03-2018
12. Fundamentals of Solid State Physics: From Theoretical and Computational Concepts to Recent Applications in Information Technology Dr. M. Anbarasu Prof. Riccardo Mazzarello RWTH Aachen University Germany 05-02-2018 to 16-02-2018
13. Explosive Transitions in Complex Networks: New Opportunities, New Dangers Dr. Sarika Jalan Prof. Inmaculada Leyva Rey Juan Carlos University Spain 15-01-2018 to 19-01-2018
14. Energy, Education and Innovation Dr. Shanmugam Dhinakaran Prof. Yunus A Cengel University of Nevada USA 12-03-2018 to 16-03-2018
15. Inorganic Chemistry of Imaging: Magnetic Resonance and Optical Imaging with Coordination Complexes Dr. Mobin Shaikh Prof. Janet R. Morrow State University of New York USA 08-01-2018 to 12-01-2018
16. Laser Assisted Surface Micro and Nano-Fabrication Dr. I.A. Palani Prof. Daisuke Nakamura Kyushu University Japan 08-07-2018 to 14-07-2018
17. Basic Principles and Applications of Photovoltaic Devices Dr. Parasharam M. Shirage Prof. Dr. Kim Jin Hyeok Chonnam National University -- 10-12-2018 to 20-12-2018
18. Advance concepts in the Synthesis of Pharmaceutical Drugs Dr. Chelvam Venkatesh Prof. Ram Mohan Illinois Wesleyan University USA 14-6-18 to 21-6-18
19. Modern Power Distribution Systems Prof. Trapti Jain -- -- -- 08-1-18 to 12-01-18
20. Network Science - From Structure to Dynamics Dr. Sarika Jalan Prof. Baruch Barzel Bar-Ilan University Israel 06-8-18 to 10-8-18
S. No. Title IITI PI Foreign PI Foreign University Country Duration
1. Complexity and Dynamics in Neuroscience Dr. Sarika Jalan Prof. Mikhail Ivanchenko Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod Russia 01-11-2017 to 08-11-2017
2. Introduction to Thermal Systems Design Dr. E. Anil Kumar Prof. Srinivas Garimella College of Engineering Georgia USA 11-09-2017 to 15-09-2017
3. Theory and Application of Wavelets and Framelets Dr. Niraj Kumar Shukla Prof. Bin Han University of Alberta Edmonton Canada 28-12-2017 to 04-01-2018
4. Quasiconformal Mappings and Their Applications Dr. Swadesh Kumar Sahoo Prof. Pekka Koskela University of Jyväskylä Finland 11-12-2017 to 16-12-2017
5. Porous and Granular Materials: Applications in Modern Science and Technology Dr. Shanmugam Dhinakaran Prof. Arzhang Khalili Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology Bremen Germany 18-12-2017 to 29-12-2017
6. Adsorption Science and Technology for Cooling and Desalination Applications Dr. Anil Kumar Emadabathuni Prof. Bidyut BaranSaha Kyushu University Japan 11-09-2017 to 21-09-2017
7. Data Protection – From Principles to Practice Dr. Somnath Dey Prof. Anwitaman Datta Nanyang Technological University Singapore 18-12-2017 to 22-12-2017
8. Second Law Analysis of Thermal Energy Storage Systems Dr. Anil Kumar Emadabathuni Prof. Bale V. Reddy University of New Brunswick Canada 17-07-2017 to 22-07-2017
9. Advanced Radar System Design and Signal Processing Dr. Vimal Bhatia Prof. Amit Kumar Mishra University of Cape Town South Africa 18-12-2017 to 22-12-2017
10. Small Scale Combined Heat and Power Generation Units: Modelling of Thermal-Hydraulic Issues, System Design and Operation Dr. Ritunesh Kumar Prof. Dariusz Mikielewicz Gdansk University of Technology Poland 20-11-2017 to 24-11-2017
11. Generalized Iterative Methods for Non-Linear Differential Equations Dr. Antony Vijesh Prof. Aghalaya S. Vatsala University of Louisiana USA 18-12-2017 to 22-12-2017
12. Fundamentals and Applications of Absorption Heat Pumps and Refrigeration Systems Dr. Subba Reddy Daggumati Prof. Alberto Coronas Universitat Rovira i Virgili Spain 14-12-2017 to 19-12-2017
13. Next Generation Solar Cells in The Realm of Future Energy Challenges: From Materials Design to Device Architectures Dr. Vipul Singh Prof. Shyam Sudhir Pandey Kyushu Institute of Technology Japan 11-12-2017 to 16-12-2017
14. How Next Generation Sequencing (Ngs) Untying the Knots in Viral Pathogenesis Dr. Hem Chandra Jha Prof. Subhash C Verma University of Nevada USA 15-10-2017 to 22-10-2017
15. New Developments in Global Political Theory: Comparative, Decolonial and Indian Political Theory Dr. Bharath Kumar Prof. Aakash Singh Rathore University of Luiss Italy 04-12-2017 to 08-12-2017
16. Kinematics and Design of Parallel Manipulators Dr. Santhakumar Mohan Prof. Philippe Wenger Laboratoire desSciences du Numérique de Nantes France 06-12-2017 to 11-12-2017
17. Humanoid Robotics: Modelling and Control Dr. Santhakumar Mohan Prof. Christine Chevallereau Centre national de larecherche scientifique France 06-12-2017 to 11-12-2017
18. Multibody Dynamics Dr. Santhakumar Mohan Prof. Burkhard Corves RWTH Aachen University Germany 02-10-2017 to 06-10-2017
19. Single Molecule Magnetism Professor Pradeep Mathur Prof. Richard Layfield University of Manchester UK 06-08-2017 to 27-10-2017
20. Advances and Opportunities in Passive Micro and Miniature Technologies for Energy and Thermal Systems Dr. Shanmugam Dhinakaran Prof. Amir Faghri University of Connecticut USA 09-01-2017 to 13-01-2017
21. Chemistry and Biology of Carbohydrates Dr. Chelvam Venkatesh Prof. Fabian Pfrengle Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces Germany 06-11-2017 to 17-11-2017
S. No. Title IITI PI Foreign PI Foreign University Country Duration
1. Chemical Sensors: Principles, Technologies and Applications Dr. Parasharam M. Shirage, Prof. Giovanni Neri University of Messina Italy 01-07-2016 to 09-07-2016
2. Network Science and Multi-Agent Systems Dr. Sarika Jalan Prof. S. Lakshmivarahan University of Oklahoma USA 30-05-2016 to 10-06-2016
3. Statistics in Systems Biology and Programming Dr. Sarika Jalan Prof. Oleg Blyuss University College London UK 22-08-2016 to 27-08-2016
4. Biomathematics: From Gene Expression to Bone Mechanics Dr. Sarika Jalan Prof. Alexey Zaikin University College London UK 22-08-2016 to 27-08-2016
5. Basic Concepts andIssues in Big Data Management Dr. Gourinath Banda Prof. Nicolas Spyratos University of Paris-South France 05-12-2016 to 17-12-2016
6. Organometallics:Applications in Material Science and Drug Discovery Dr. Rajneesh Misra Prof. Holger Butenschön University of Hannover Germany 22-11-2016 to 02-12-2016
7. Big Data Stream Analytics Dr. M. Ashok Kumar, Discipline of Mathematics Prof. Yann Busnel Crest (Ensai) / Inria Rennes France 26-10-2016 to 01-11-2016
8. Introduction to Principles of Green Chemistry Dr. Chelvam Venkatesh Prof. Ram Mohan Illinois Wesleyan University Bloomingto USA 17-06-2016 to 24-06-2016
9. Modern Photochemistry and Photocatalysis Dr. Chelvam Venkatesh Prof. Malte Brasholz University of Hamburg Germany 04-07-2016 to 15-07-2016
10. Introduction to Heat Pipe Science and Technology Dr. E. Anil Kumar Prof. Ing. habil. Manfred Groll University Stuttgart Germany 06-12-2016 to 19-12-2016
11. Chemical Biology: The Integration of Chemistry, Biology, and Medicine Dr. Chelvam Venkatesh Prof. Kavita Shah Purdue University, Indiana USA 13-06-2016 to 24-06-2016
12. Linear and Nonlinear Systems and Optimization with Applications in Medical Imaging, Optimal Design, and Graphics Dr. Kapil Ahuja Prof. Eric de Sturler University of Illinois USA 25-07-2016 to 05-08-2016
13. Catalysis by Metal Complexes Professor Pradeep Mathur Prof. Pierre H. Dixneuf University of Rennes France 21-11-2016 to 26-11-2016
14. Neural Networks Learning Theory – Advanced Topics Dr. Aruna Tiwari Prof. Suresh Sundaram Nanyang Technological University Singapore 08-08-2016 to 07-08-2016
15. Microreactors: Mathematical Modelling of Hydrodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Design and Fabrication Dr. Ritunesh Kumar Prof. Rufat Abiev St. Petersburg State Institute of Technology (Technical University) Russia 01/11/2017 to 10/11/2017
16. Probabilistic Models and Belief Propagation Dr. Surya Prakash Prof. Gaurav Sharma University of Rochester USA 01-08-2016 to 10-08-2016
17. High-Pressure Synthesized Materials: A Chest of Treasure and Hints Dr. Parasharam M. Shirage Prof. Akira IYO Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Japan 11-07-2016 to 19-07-2016
18. An Advanced Introduction to The Finite Volume Methods in Computational Fluid Dynamics (with Open Foam) Dr. Shanmugam Dhinakaran Prof. Marwan Darwish American University of Beirut Lebanon 05-09-2016 to 09-09-2016
19. Digital Humanities: Tools, Texts and Theory Dr. Nirmala Menon Prof. Paul Arthur University of Western Sydney Australia 19-03-2016 to 25-03-2016
20. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and International Economic Development Dr. Ruchi Sharma Prof. Walter G. Park American University USA 12-12-2016 to 16-12-2016
21. Modern Applications of Numerical Linear Algebra Methods Dr. Sk Safique Ahmad Prof. Ivan Slapnicar University of Split Croatia 27-06-2016 to 05-07-2016
22. Human Infectious Disease and Animal Models Dr. Debasis Nayak Prof. Siddappa Byrareddy University of Nebraska Medical Center USA 01-07-2016 to 09-07-2016
23. Flow, heat and Mass Transfer Through Porous Media and Critical Thermal Issues in 3D chips Dr. Shanmugam Dhinakaran -- -- -- 12/12/2016 to 16/12/2016
24. Fundamentals and Applications of The Principles of Optimization to Various Disciplines – Engineering, Business, Life Sciences Dr. Sarika Jalan Prof. Chandrasekhar Putcha California State University USA 27-06-2016 to 01-07-2016