International Cell, IIT Indore


Dr. Kapil Ahuja
Associate Professor, CSE
Email : doia [at]
Landline: +91-731-2438758
Coordinating Institute
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Approved Projects
Year Domain Title IITI PI Foreign PI Foreign University Country
2018-19 Technologies for Rural and Women Empowerment 6G Connectivity for Sustainable Development Targeted at Rural and Remote Communities Prof. Vimal Bhatia Prof. Sudhir Sharan Dixit University of Oulu Finland
2018-19 Future of Earth: Green and Renewable Technologies Structured Illumination for Turbid and Turbulent Environments (SITTE) Dr. Devendra Laxmanrao Deshmukh Dr. Yogeshwar Nath Mishra Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg Germany
2018-19 Science & Heritage Safeguarding Heritage Structures using Seismic Metamaterials Prof. Sandeep Chaudhary Dr. Sebastien Guenneau Université Aix-marseille France
2018-19 Advanced Functional and Meta Materials Atomistic Modelling of Pt-Nanocluster Based Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cell Applications Dr. Biswarup Pathak Prof. Rajeev Ahuja Uppsala University Sweden
2018-19 Advanced Sensors, Electronics and Communication Edge Caching for High Capacity Wireless Networks exploiting Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning Prof. Vimal Bhatia Prof. Tharmalingam Ratnarajah University of Edinburgh United Kingdom
2018-19 Advanced Sensors, Electronics and Communication Pilot Survey of CMB Polarized Foregrounds using a Single Dish Dr. Abhirup Datta Prof. Lucio Piccirillo The University of Manchester United Kingdom
2018-19 Digital Humanities A Digital Narratology of Technology as Literary Actors and Artefacts of Settings in Indian English Novels Dr. Nirmala Menon Prof. Deborah Sutton Lancaster University United Kingdom
2018-19 Basic Sciences - Physical Sc., Chemical Sc., Biological Sc. Imaging the First Billion Years of the Universe with Next-Generation Telescopes Dr. Suman Majumdar Prof. Garrelt Mellema Stockholm University Sweden
2018-19 Technologies for Forensics, Security and Safety Digital Forensic Knowledge Integration and Intelligence (DIREKT-Intel) Dr. Neminath Hubballi Prof. Katrin Franke Norwegian University of Science and Technology Norway