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Over the years, IIT Indore has positioned itself as a vibrant center for outstanding research. Some of the key achievements are as follows: IIT Indore has highest faculty to publications ratio among all institutes in India; IIT Indore has the highest h-index among all the new IITs (those started in 2008 and after) etc.
Based on the ongoing collaborations and strengths, we propose to build a center for network of scientists, faculty members, and researchers from IIT Indore and TU9 universities. The research focus will be on all areas mutually beneficial to both IIT Indore and TU9 institutions (and not limited to the existing collaborations).
At the primary stage, this center will help build cooperation between German and Indian scientists on fundamental and applied research, training, and dissemination of information. Subsequently, outcome of academic research activities will be explored and extended to a commercial level.
In order to ensure integration of the center into the existing research and study structure of IIT Indore, the following exchange possibilities on different levels can be explored: long term visiting professorship, short term research stays, joint degree programs (Master or PhD) etc.


  • Visit by international office team from LUH (Dec 2019).
  • Kick-off workshop of IITI - LUH DAAD project organized in Hannover (May 2019). Click here for details
  • IIT Indore - LU Hannover 4 year joint project approved by DAAD (Feb 2019).
  • Mr. Daniel Jupke from TU Braunschweig is a DAAD RISE fellow at IIT Indore (Sept - Oct 2018).
  • 2 MSc Chemistry Students Selected for IIT-DAAD Master Sandwich Program: Ms. Vanitha for KIT & Mr. Chetan for LU Hannover (Jun 2018).
  • Dr. Kapil Ahuja awarded DAAD Bilateral Exchange Fellowship the Second Time: TU Dresden 2018 & TU Br 2014 (Apr 2018).


  • TU9 Research Workshop

    Second - TU9 Research Workshop at IIT Indore | Brochure

  • TU9 Research Workshop

    First TU9 Research Workshop in Berlin | Schedule


Dr. Kapil Ahuja
Email: kahuja [at] iiti [dot] ac [dot] in

TU9 Coordinator
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