International Cell, IIT Indore

Indo - German Initiative


In the Joint Statement of the 3rd India Germany Inter Governmental Consultations (IGC) held at New Delhi in October 2015, both the leaders had proposed to explore the possibilities of collaboration between the newly established IIT Indore and TU9 institutions. A follow up meeting between teams from IIT Indore and TU9 took place on 4th April 2016 at the Embassy of India, Berlin. The objective of the meeting was to discuss research programs at different TU9 universities and IIT Indore, and to identify areas for future joint cooperative programs.

Director of IIT Indore participated in the India-Germany JWG meeting in Bonn/ Aachen on 21st and 22nd June 2016. A part of the MHRD delegation and members of the BMBF staff met senior professors and other senior staff of RWTH Aachen. This has resulted in a very productive collaboration between IIT Indore and RWTH as evidenced by several joint publications as well as student and faculty exchanges.

Continuing efforts in this initiative, a research workshop was organized by IIT Indore – TU9 at Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin) on 2nd and 3rd November 2016. This was the second such meeting in 2016 showing the eagerness between the teams to formulate a long-term collaborative program. The Honorable Minister, Mr. Prakash Javadekar, addressed this meeting through a video clip.

Most sessions were focused on technical talks that highlighted research already done and planned future work. The first outcome of this workshop was preparation of a proposal to setup an Indo-German center titled Innovative Approaches to Novel Material, Engine and Chip Design in Theory and Experiment at IIT Indore and TU Berlin. This proposal was submitted to MHRD and BMBF in April of 2017. The second outcome of this workshop was substantial increment in joint proposals (half a dozen), joint papers (more than a dozen), and exchanges (half a dozen).

To keep-up with the aggressive pace of collaborative research between IIT Indore and TU9 institutions, the second IIT Indore – TU9 research workshop was organized at IIT Indore on 5th and 6th October 2017. The workshop had forty participants out of which about half were external participants. Besides the eight TU9 participants, there was representation from the German Embassy in New Delhi, DAAD Delhi, IIT Mandi, and IIT Ropar. The workshop consisted of four different tracks as follows: introductory, scholarships and posters, technical sessions, and future of this collaboration.

The heart of the workshop was highlighting the research output from the existing collaborations between IIT Indore and TU9 institutions. In this respect, the sessions were conducted under three streams: application, experimental, and theoretical.

Two sessions were devoted towards expanding the IIT Indore - TU9 collaboration to the Young IITs - TU9 Network as the future direction. One was the Skype call on Oct 5th between IIT Indore, University of Stuttgart and IIT Mandi; IIT Ropar was a special invitee for this. The other session on Oct 6th was a group discussion between all the participants of the workshop.


We have strong links with non-TU9 institutions as well. That is, with IFW Dresden, IKP Forschungszentrum Juelich, five Max Planck Institutes (Dresden, Heidelberg, Leipzig, Magdeburg and Munich), University of Dortmund, and University of Bonn. Here, we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Max Planck Institute in Magdeburg. We intend to expand on this collaboration on lines of our TU9 efforts.